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Brand and Marketing Strategy
Campaign Creation, Program & Project Management

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Kris Kiehn

Founder & Chief Brand Officer
Brand and Marketing Strategy

25+ years Industry Experience

About Us

Welcome to Simply K2 Marketing, your trusted partner for navigating the sea of marketing opportunities to find the best way to share your business and products with the world.

Kris brings over 25 years experience of building brand awareness, launching new products, increasing sales, and building engagement for consumer-facing (or CPG) businesses. 

Our expertise covers multiple marketing channels and allows for robust, tailored, marketing plans using: 

  • Brand Exploration & Strategy

  • Traditional Marketing and Advertising

  • Digital & Direct Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Google Business Profiles

  • Promotions & Public Relations

Together we'll identify the best approach to launch your business or product, and get the awareness and engagement you want with your target audience.

Do Any of These Describe You?

  • You need to develop your Brand Identity, Create a Website/Online Presence, Launch a New Product, OR Create a Social Following that drives sales and traffic to your site/brick and mortar.  

  • You want the Internet to be working for you behind the scenes, and figure out what a Google Business Profile is all about.

  • You feel overwhelmed doing it all. It would be great to have someone knowledgeable help manage your marketing, write social media content or post, or have someone to collaborate with about your brand messaging. 

  • Social Media Marketing is no longer enough. You want to expand and try Direct Response, Emails, Online Ads, or traditional marketing (e.g., print or radio).

If you said "YES" to any of the Above... Let's Connect 

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How We Work Together

Custom Strategies 

As no two businesses or individuals are alike, we don’t employ cookie cutter plans. For paid opportunities, I will direct your hard-earned dollars in customized ways that meet your goals and budget.


I achieve real results, often above industry averages, by engaging your customers where they live, search, and shop.  I test, apply, and redirect efforts to find the best mix of marketing, content, and images that allow your company and brand to shine.

Collaboration & Trust Are Vital to Our Success

At the end of the day, it is your business. I work to create a collaborative partnership and want to be extended member of your team. I'll bring my 25+ years of marketing expertise, while you/your team brings intimate knowledge about you business, including your products, customers, where you want to take your business, what keeps you up at night, and more. 

Does this sound like the partner you've been looking for?
Let's Connect!
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What Clients Are Saying

Dana H.
Salon Owner

"Kris has been a lifesaver. She designed my website and manages my social media in the same way that I approach my clients. She has the ability to really get to know you and your business, and put things into words as if you were saying them yourself. It's nice to have someone who cares about your business almost as much as you do." 

Website Development,
Marketing Strategy,
Social Media

Nicole W.
Midwife, Clinical Herbalist

"You and your team were able to "get me" and helped me visually and textually present my authenticity and the vision of the practice to my prospects. 

​My business has increased 300% in less than a year as direct result of my new site and the SEO you put into place. 

​You gave me the exact right amount of encouragement and structure to overcome my fear, reluctance, self-sabotage, worry, and perfectionism and to roll out my brand and website in a timely way."

Brand Exploration,
Website Development 

Lisa C.

"Kris really knows what works and what doesn't in the marketing world. She listened to what I needed and delivered! I knew I was in good hands given her years of experience."

Marketing Strategy & Execution,
Social Media

Website Management/Update

Angelina T.

“Kris is personable and very knowledgeable in her branding and marketing strategies. She is a breeze to work with and very inspiring, full of useful ideas and unique points of views. I have been working with her for a few years now and I can't recommend her enough to anyone who needs a boost with their marketing needs.”

Website Development,
Google Business Profile

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